Albion Minerals™, a subsidiary of the Balchem Corporation™, is the world’s leading supplier of mineral amino acid chelates used as raw material for human nutrition products. The science and technology patented by Albion™ have been combined to develop an organic molecule which is highly absorbable by the body.

The mineral chelates developed by Albion™ are safe and have proven effectiveness, being the best choice for the development of mineral supplements and food fortification.

Created in 1967, Balchem Corporation™ delivers solutions and high-quality products for a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, food and supplement industries. Using advanced technology, it develops encapsulated products that ensure bioavailability of nutrients, notably through its leading brands: VitaCholine™  and  VitaShure™.


VitaCholine™ is the world’s leading choline producer. Developed with the highest standards, they deliver a safe and effective product to the market. It is the source of choline recognized as a quality option for use in dietary supplements and in food fortification.

NattoPharma® is the world leader in vitamin K2 research and innovation. Committed to delivering products proven to be beneficial to human health, it carries out extensive clinical studies and has several international certifications that attest its quality. NattoPharma® is recognized by the supplements and vitamin industry as a benchmark company, in terms of safety and effectiveness.


MenaQ7® is a brand of vitamin K2 produced by NattoPharma® in the form of MK-7 (menaquinone7). It is the only source of vitamin K2 available in the market with clinical validation and patents for use.

AstaReal® is a pioneer and leader in clinical research and in the production of natural astaxanthin. Since 1990, it has a highly advanced and unique technology, which uses photobioreactors specially designed to cultivate the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis – algae from which natural astaxanthin is extracted.

Astaxanthin AstaReal® is the most researched brand of astaxanthin in the world. With over 150 research studies – among 60 clinical studies – which prove the effectiveness, safety and quality of its products.

Founded in 2007, Pantheryx™️ is an American nutrition and biotechnology company dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of health and wellness solutions. It is bovine colostrum-based and a human and animal health-market oriented company. Pantheryx™️ is the world’s greatest bovine colostrum manufacturer and a market leader in its commercialization.


ColostrumOne™️, patented by Pantheryx™️, is the world’s main source of colostrum. Rigorous tests ensure its quality, safety and effectiveness.


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